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Super Collet square insert

1/4" square insert for the super collet . Only fits the super collet .

Zipp Kits Pipe

A built in internal stinger gives a nice throaty tone, while only putting out less than 92 dB in most applications. This also eliminates the need for a bulky external muffler. Made from polished stainless steel, so there is no chance of water leaking into your exhaust, killing performance. Pipe measures about 17-1/4 inches long and has a stinger ID of .440 inch. Fits 7/8 inch headers only. For stock engines,the tuned length for this pipe is exactly 13.5 inches from the face of the exhaust flange (measured around the header, on the centerline). For modified engines, start at 13.5 inches and shorten from there. The pipe is very sensitive to length. Shorten 1/8 inch at a time and test. Note: We recommend that you DO NOT do any of the following: Grind away any internal welds Use an add on muffler Put side pressure on the pipe to mount it Doing any of the above may cause your pipe to crack or break. Use the pipe as it ships. You will enjoy it for a long time. Mount the pipe as loose as possible. Hard or stiff mounts break pipes. Includes super tuned pipe and stainless steel clamp.

Super Collet round Insert

1/4" round insert for the Super Collet

Super Collet

1/4" Super collet