Items used for putting your toys away for the winter months .

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6 oz Corrosion X - aerosol

CorrosionX is the most useful, effective and versatile corrosion inhibitor / lubricant / penetrant available today. It's unique Polar Bonding technology causes it to lubricate better and longer, creep and penetrate faster and further. CorrosionX is not merely a corrosion "inhibitor"; CorrosionX actually disrupts corrosion, and its dielectric, self-curing Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) keeps rust away long-term. ATTENTION: Because this item is an aerosol, it MUST ship Ground.

Performance Worksheet

Down load our free worksheet . Take it to the lake and record all of your information from testing . Compare to other testing sessions to find your best setup . Keeps track of what props etc worked per setup . Great information to look over . PDF file. Read below for instructions.

Silica Gel Packets - (moisture indicating)-10PACK

Place these silica gel packets into the radio box to protect your radio gear and servos from moisture damage. These packets are reuseable .[Ultimate Moisture Absorption and Reactivation] Packet material is high quality coated paper for Ultimate Moisture Absorption and Heat Resistance for Reuse . Mixture of the highest performing white silica gel beads and few orange indicating beads; Orange beads will change to dark green when saturated with moisture; Easy to Read Orange means ready to use and Dark Green means replace or reactivate Packet material is semi-transparent, inner printed, and tear resistant with Ultimate Moisture Absorption; Packets are reusable via oven only (do not use microwave); Bake the packets at 150 to 200 F for 0.5 to 1.5 hours.Packet Specification (Packet dimension: 2 inch x 1.3 inch); 2 gram desiccant packets can cover approximately 240 cubic inch volume containers; We recommend placing more packets than recommended for extra protection. Sold as a packet of 10 !

STA-BIL Engine Fogging Oil - 12oz Aerosol

STA-BIL Fogging oil coats internal engine components to prevent corrosion Displaces moisture from metal to protect engine Lubricates cylinders to prevent cylinder damage (scuffing) at start up For all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines, including outboard, marine, small internal combustion & automotive engines