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23" River Jet Boat: RTR

Features: Efficiently designed jet pump Self-Righting Hull High Impact Blow Molded ABS Hull Locking High Impact canopy Durable composite impeller Solid drive shaft with liner Dynamite® 90 AMP ESC 2-4S Compatible Powerful out-runner motor Auminum/water cooled motor mount Stainless steel hardware 2.4GHz radio system Styrofoam flotation Foam canopy seal Boat stand Trim adjustment servo option Overview Back to Top ^ There's nothing like riding in a full-scale jet boat, from jumping waves to darting across the lake. Jet boats can change direction in a heartbeat, providing thrill ride after thrill ride. The 23-inch RTR Deep-V River Jet Boat lets you cruise anywhere—including through rapids and moving water. The jet boat doesn't have an exposed propeller, turn fins or rudder. And with its powerful propulsion system, this boat can run in minimal amounts of water—even just a few inches. Thanks to its self-righting feature, the boat flips back over in a matter of seconds by activating the throttle. So whether you're new to RC boating or an experienced captain, you're sure to have a blast jumping rapids and running upstream. Extreme power The efficiently designed jet pump provides maximum propulsion and expert handling. Self-righting hull Thanks to the boat's self-righting feature, it flips back over in a matter of seconds by activating the throttle. Now you can drive in moving water without the fear of losing your boat. Run-anywhere flexibility The high-impact, blow-molded hull lets you bounce off rocks without worrying about cracking the hull. Interference-free connection The included Spektrum™ STX2™ 2.4GHz FHSS transmitter provides a clear, precise connection while the boat is on the water. Locking high-impact canopy Made of the same material as the hull, the canopy is attached by four thumb screws. High dense foam between the hull and canopy keeps water out of the hull and ensures your electronics stay dry. Trim adjustment servo option Note: This option is not available with the included radio system. Trim adjustment requires a 3-channel radio and receiver and a 1/18-scale or 1/16 scale size servo with stainless steel 3mm mounting screws(we do not carry the stainless steel 3mm mounting screws separately).
$329.99 $299.99

7.4V 2000mAh 2S 5C LiPo Receiver Pack

Specifications: Type: LiPo Capacity: 2000mAh Voltage: 7.4V Connector Type: Standard and balance Number of Cells: 2s1p Weight: 3.0 oz (86g) Length: 2.05 in (52mm) Width: 1.75 in (40mm) Height: 0.80 in (20mm) Maximum Continuous Discharge : 5C Charge Protection Circuitry: Yes
$39.99 $35.95

6V 1600mAh Ni-MH Receiver Pack

Extremely affordable high-capacity receiver packs for higher-current-drain RC vehicles Increased run times over standard receiver packs Universal connector plugs directly into the switch harness for all radio systems
$24.99 $16.95

Rage R/C SuperCat 700BL Brushless RTR Catamaran Boat

The SuperCat 700BL is fueled by brushless power that will have you flying across the water at adrenaline-pumping speeds of up to 40MPH! The SuperCat's growl is produced by a brushless, water-cooled 2000kV motor and controlled with a 40A water-cooled ESC that harnesses the energy output of the included 3S 3600mAh LiPo battery pack. This water rocket features a durable uni-body ABS hull that arrives pre-painted with a unique red matte finish with aggressive, colorful graphics that combine to give the SuperCat a powerfully elegant appearance. The durable stainless-steel propeller, rudder, and running hardware deliver the finishing touches to make the SuperCat a great looking, high-performance boat that you will be proud to own. The SuperCat 700 BL is a RTR (Ready-To-Run) boat that arrives 100% factory-assembled out of the box with a 2-channel, 2.4 GHz radio system that features fully proportional steering and throttle (forward-only), a 40-gram waterproof servo, a wooden display stand, and even the AA batteries to power the transmitter. The only item required for completion is a LiPo battery charger capable of charging a 3S battery pack. Specifications: Hull Length: 24" (610mm) Hull Width: 7 3/4" (200mm) Overall length: 26 7/8" (690mm) Hull Height: 3 1/2" (90mm) Weight w/ Battery: 42.5 oz. (1200g) Battery: 11.1V 3600mAh Lipo Motor: 2000kV Water-Cooled BL Motor Transmitter: 2-channel, 2.4GHz Servo: 40g waterproof ESC: 40A Water-Cooled Brushless Receiver: 2-Channel, 2.4GHz
$299.99 $249.95

Shaft oiler & seal

STS-250 - Shaft Tube Seal-.250 (1/4") Size flex shafts (11/32"OD tubing) The NEW STS-250 , Shaft Tube Seal for 1/4" flex Shafts and 11/32" OD stuffing box tubes, is sure to be a common standard while outfitting a new hull or improving an old one. This not only prevents most water from entering the tube but also alleviates the troublesome, time consuming practice of taking out your shaft to oil/grease it. We all know how precious time is when your "on the clock" and fiddling around with taking the shaft in and out not only wastes this time but also puts stress on your collet insert from opening and closing. Just hook up a hose to the fitting and spray your favorite oil in. So whether your an avid racer or sport boater, put this on your list of "MUST HAVES".

Rage Aqua Dart RTR

The Rage Aqua Dart is an easy, affordable way to have RC boating fun at the local pond or pool. Fast, quick turns are a big part of what makes the Aqua Dart fun to drive, even in confined spaces like medium to large pools. Tight turns typically result in capsizing for most RC boats, but not this one. Even when aggressive driving produces a roll-over, there's nothing to worry about because the Aqua Dart will completely right itself within seconds! Plus, with its water-proof electronics, even if some water does enter the hull, there's nothing to worry about. Better yet, its durable ABS plastic Unibody design guards against damage from pool walls or other floating obstacles, ensuring your Aqua Dart continues running with barely a scratch. The Aqua Dart is available in your choice of two brightly colored trim options so you can easily identify your boat when racing with a friend. Since it's an RTR (Ready-To-Run), when you open the box you'll find a 100% factory-assembled and decorated boat, a 2-channel, 2.4GHz radio with proportional controls, a 7.4V 360mAh Li-ion battery and a charger that conveniently plugs into any USB outlet. This complete package even includes a display stand so you can proudly show off your new boat. The only thing required for completion is 4 AA batteries for the transmitter and a suitable pond or pool so you can run your Aqua Dart within minutes of opening the box. With all of these features in available one convenient box, the Aqua Dart is easy and fun to run as well as delivering a great value. Even if this is your first RC boat, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to be "darting" around the water in no time! FEATURES: Completely RTF (Ready-To-Float) 7.4v 360mAh Li-Ion battery with USB charger 2.4GHz Pistol-Grip Radio Self-righting design for worry free operation REQUIRED TO COMPLETE: 4 AA alkaline batteries for TX TECHNICAL SPECS: Hull Material: ABS plastic Length: 260mm (10.2") Width: 100mm (3.4") Weight: 221g (7.9 oz.) Motor: 180A watercooled
$129.95 $79.99

100 ct.Mixing cups

1 oz. mixing cups
$6.95 $2.75

Rear Exhaust 254 RCMK

New 254 RCMK rear exhaust
$695.00 $350.00

Stainless Steel Header

7/8" thinwall 90 degree bend with a 3" offset
$35.00 $15.00

Stainless Steel Header

7/8" thinwall 90 degree bend with a 2" offset
$35.00 $15.00

Rear Motor Mount Plate (dropped)

Rear plate
$18.00 $10.00

Billet Servo Mount Kit - Dual

servo mount - dual servos - inline
$14.95 $9.95

Billet Servo Mount Kit - 1/4 scale

servo mount - 1/4 scale
$10.95 $6.95

Billet Servo Mount Kit - STD

servo mount -std
$10.95 $6.95