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1256TG Savox Servo

digital servo
$105.99 $84.99

Hitec HS-45HB

HS-45HB Premium Feather Servo, .12sec/17oz @6.0v Hitec's HS-45HB offers the economy and durability of our other famous micro servos, but now with a ball bearing supported output shaft and Karbonite gears. Specifications: Dimension: 0.92x0.38x0.88in Weight: .28oz / 8g
$27.95 $15.00

S3003 Servo

standard size servo

S3004 Standard Ball Bearing Servo

S3004 Standard Ball Bearing Servo .19sec/56.9oz @ 6V Features: Input Voltage: 4.8-6V Speed @ 4.8V: 0.23 sec/60 deg Speed @ 6.0V: 0.19 sec/60 deg Torque @ 4.8V: 44.4 oz-in Torque @ 6.0V: 56.9 oz-in Bearings: 1 ball bearing Specifications: Dimensions: 40x20x36mm Weight: 37g (1.3oz)
$17.99 $13.99

Sanwa Servo

Sanwa / Airtronics metal gear ball bearing servo @4.8v - torque 82in-oz @6.0v- torque 103in-oz
$56.95 $29.95

Savox SA-1231SG High Torque Steel-Gear digital servo

Coreless Digital Servo 0.14/444.4 @6V The Savox SA-1231SG High Torque Steel-Gear digital servo is the servo that is ideal for those requiring extra torque, but not using high voltage as a power source. Features: Extremely strong unique steel gears ensure long-life and durability. Minimized backlash designed for aircraft use, but great for Monster Truck and crawling use. Aluminum middle case to help with cooler operating temperatures. Slightly taller case design. Specifications: Torque @ 4.8v - 28.0kg/388.8oz-in Torque @ 6v - 32.0kg/444.4oz-in Speed @ 4.8v - 0.18 sec/60 deg Speed @ 6v - 0.14 sec/60 deg Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 40.3 x 20.2 x 44.9 Weight: 79g
$109.99 $88.99

Savox SC-0251MGP

Larger Standard Digital Servo, 0.18sec / 222oz @ 6.0V The Savox SC-0251MGP is a high torque, metal-geared, digital servo which is suitable for many applications . "Plus" series servos feature Soft Start and Sanwa SSR compatibility. Features: Metal gear train ensures durability under harsh situations. Slightly taller case design. Ideal for aircraft and some 1/8 off road car applications. Specifications: Torque @ 4.8v - 13.0kg/180.5oz-in Torque @ 6v - 16.0kg/222.2oz-in Speed @ 4.8v - 0.20 sec/60 deg Speed @ 6v - 0.18 sec/60 deg Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 40.7 x 20 x 42.4 Weight: 61.0g
$59.99 $51.99

SC0352 Savox Digital Standard Servo

digital servo

SC-1252MG high speed/ low profile servo

Low Profile Digital Servo Super Speed 0.07sec / 97.2oz @ 6V The SC-1251MG is a high speed, low profile servo which combines leading edge technology with super high 12 bit (4096) resolution. Ideal for 1/10 on-road cars where space is limited and speed is desired. Features: Metal gear train ensures durability under harsh situations. Ideal for 1/10 on road vehicles. Aluminum case provides cooler operating temperatures. Specifications: Torque @ 4.8v - 4.5kg/62.5oz-in Torque @ 6v - 7.0kg/97.2oz-in Speed @ 4.8v - 0.08 sec/60 deg Speed @ 6v - 0.07 sec/60 deg Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 40.8 x 20.2 x 25.4 Weight: 44.5g
$84.99 $64.99

Servo Connector Clip

Safety clip used for wiring connectors . Sold per pair.

SG-0351 standard digital servo with dual bearing support

Standard Digital Servo .17/57 @6v The SG-0351 is a standard digital servo with dual bearing support for increased precision and durability. Features: Industrial plastic gears provide smooth and quiet operation. Higher value standard servo with dual ball bearing support. Specifications: Torque @ 4.8v - 3.2kg/44.4oz-in Torque @ 6v - 4.1kg/56.9oz-in Speed @ 4.8v - 0.22 sec/60 deg Speed @ 6v - 0.17 sec/60 deg Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 40.7 x 20.0 x 37.0 Weight: 41.0g
$34.99 $28.99


$54.99 $44.95


$54.99 $44.99


Waterproof High Voltage Digital Servo 0.13sec / 444.4oz @ 7.4V - Black Edition The SW-1210SG-BE is the premier waterproof digital servo in the Savox Lineup. This coreless servo provides great torque and is a great upgrade if your looking to drive your RC vehicle in any condition...rain, sleet, or snow. Features: Strong unique steel gears provide durability and assurance. Capable of HV operation. Waterproof construction for harsh elements. Ideal for cars, truck, and boats subject to water or snow. Specifications: Torque @ 6v - 20.0kg/277.7oz-in Torque @ 7.4v - 32.0kg/444.4oz-in Speed @ 6v - 0.15 sec/60 deg Speed @ 7.4v - 0.13 sec/60 deg Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 40.6 x 20.7 x 42.0 Weight: 71g
$114.95 $97.99

XBC100 Smart Battery Checker & Servo Driver

Key Features Battery checker with built in cell balancing Advanced Servo testing feature helps with model setup Spektrum Smart battery technology allows users to take advantage of Smart Battery features Easy to read full color display Qualcomm 3.0 compatible USB power port with Quick Charge for compatible Android and IOS devices (up to 12v and 2 amps) Update port for easy access to updates and new features Overview The Spektrum XBC100 Smart Battery Checker is a must have tool for any pilot or drivers pit box. More than a battery checker, it features a built-in cell balancer, integrated servo tester and driver, and Spektrum Smart battery connectivity. When used with a Spektrum Smart battery, you will be able to see and adjust many of the settings only available with a Spektrum Smart charger. This includes one connection for balance and battery level checking, and providing records like number of cycles, internal battery temperature and exception reports. You can even adjust Smart battery settings right from the XBC100. The XBC100 also features a Qualcomm 3.0 USB charge port, giving you an easy way to keep your mobile device and Spektrum Smart Transmitters charged when USB power ports are scarce. Better yet, the XBC100 gives you the ability to better setup and test your models with the built in servo tester! Center and test your servo endpoints easily with the integrated PWM output port. Finally, all of this is displayed on a full color IPS LCD screen that is designed to be easy to read in direct sunlight and is accessed via a user friendly touch interface. Battery Balance Connector Included for testing LiPos Battery Temperature Monitoring Yes Battery Type 1-8S Lithium, 1-10 cell NiCd/NiMH Cells Balancing Cell Accuracy <0.005V Connector Type IC3 LCD Yes Servos Also tests servos without having to connect a radio and receiver Voltage +/-0.005V @ 4.2V Measurement Accuracy Voltage Range 5-36V
$57.99 $48.99