Piston Stopper Tool

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Manufacturer part number: ca180
Quick overview Piston stopper tool for engines with 10mm threads. Works on Zenoah G230RC / G260RC / G240RC / G270RC / G290RC / G320RC / G260PU / G260PUH / G231PUH / G231PUM / G260PUM / GZ25N14 / GZ25N23 engines. Also works on Chung Yang CY23RC / CY26RC / CY27RC / CY29RC / GP290 / GP420 / GP460 engines. In general, fits engines with 10mm spark plug hole threads (for example, engines which use NGK "C" class spark plugs like the CMR7H, CR8HIX, etc). Threads into spark plug hole and stops piston from moving, allowing easy removal of flywheel and other rotating parts. This stopper is interchangeable with Zenoah part # 4810-96220 481096220, and with HPI part # Z966.
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Manufacturer: MRCM
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