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16 oz. Hard Tank

16 oz. fuel tank
$5.15 $2.60

3/16" Teflon Liner

teflon inner liner

4 oz. Hard Tank

4 oz. fuel tank
$3.75 $1.85

6 oz. Hard Tank

6 oz. fuel tank
$3.95 $1.90

8 oz. Hard Tank

8 oz. fuel tank
$4.15 $2.00

Bolt Kit

stock steel bolt kit
$6.00 $2.50

Duratrax Li-24 Balancing Charger

2S-4S LiPo / LiFe AC balancing charger . Battery type : LiPo/LiFe Cells : 2-4 Charge Current (max) : 3A Balance Current : 200mA
$39.99 $20.00

ElectriFly 3S LiPo Balancing Smart Charging AC/DC

FEATURES: Economical and portable balance charger for 3-cell lithium polymer batteries only Constant Current/Constant Voltage charge method Automatic INCLUDES: ElectriFly 3S LiPo Balancing Smart Charger with AC/DC Adapter and instruction manual
$29.99 $15.00

Electrifly Equinox LiPo Cell Balancer

Quick-balancer and balancing interface . Use batween charger and battery or alone as abattery discharger
$40.00 $25.00

G25 2 Blade Propeller

Round ear 2 blade prop
$24.95 $15.00

Hydro Turn Fin

Accu-Tech hydro turn fin kit.

J & G 26

House cleaning ! Cleaning the extra motors off the shelf . Needs to go ! Make someone a very nice motor.
$550.00 $400.00

Rage Aqua Dart RTR

LAST ONE LEFT ! BLACK AND WHITE ! The Rage Aqua Dart is an easy, affordable way to have RC boating fun at the local pond or pool. Fast, quick turns are a big part of what makes the Aqua Dart fun to drive, even in confined spaces like medium to large pools. Tight turns typically result in capsizing for most RC boats, but not this one. Even when aggressive driving produces a roll-over, there's nothing to worry about because the Aqua Dart will completely right itself within seconds! Plus, with its water-proof electronics, even if some water does enter the hull, there's nothing to worry about. Better yet, its durable ABS plastic Unibody design guards against damage from pool walls or other floating obstacles, ensuring your Aqua Dart continues running with barely a scratch. The Aqua Dart is available in your choice of two brightly colored trim options so you can easily identify your boat when racing with a friend. Since it's an RTR (Ready-To-Run), when you open the box you'll find a 100% factory-assembled and decorated boat, a 2-channel, 2.4GHz radio with proportional controls, a 7.4V 360mAh Li-ion battery and a charger that conveniently plugs into any USB outlet. This complete package even includes a display stand so you can proudly show off your new boat. The only thing required for completion is 4 AA batteries for the transmitter and a suitable pond or pool so you can run your Aqua Dart within minutes of opening the box. With all of these features in available one convenient box, the Aqua Dart is easy and fun to run as well as delivering a great value. Even if this is your first RC boat, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to be "darting" around the water in no time! FEATURES: Completely RTF (Ready-To-Float) 7.4v 360mAh Li-Ion battery with USB charger 2.4GHz Pistol-Grip Radio Self-righting design for worry free operation REQUIRED TO COMPLETE: 4 AA alkaline batteries for TX TECHNICAL SPECS: Hull Material: ABS plastic Length: 260mm (10.2") Width: 100mm (3.4") Weight: 221g (7.9 oz.) Motor: 180A watercooled
$79.99 $50.00


Red anodized rudder assembly
$25.00 $10.00


Champion takeout plug

Stainless Steel Header

7/8" thinwall 90 degree bend with a 2" offset
$35.00 $15.00

Stainless Steel Header

7/8" thinwall 90 degree bend with a 3" offset
$35.00 $15.00

Strut & rudder kit

Strut & rudder combo
$59.95 $35.95

Threaded Ball Link

2-56 threaded ball link
$1.95 $0.75