Flexshafts & Related Parts

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3/16" Teflon Liner

teflon inner liner

3/16" Thrust Washer Kit

thrust washers

3/32" Dura Collar

wheel collar

5/32" Dura Collar

wheel collar

Driveshaft Alignment Tool

Alignment tool

Grim Racer Speed Grease

cable grease

Prop Nut

1/4"Zuber prop nut

Shaft oiler & seal

STS-250 - Shaft Tube Seal-.250 (1/4") Size flex shafts (11/32"OD tubing) The NEW STS-250 , Shaft Tube Seal for 1/4" flex Shafts and 11/32" OD stuffing box tubes, is sure to be a common standard while outfitting a new hull or improving an old one. This not only prevents most water from entering the tube but also alleviates the troublesome, time consuming practice of taking out your shaft to oil/grease it. We all know how precious time is when your "on the clock" and fiddling around with taking the shaft in and out not only wastes this time but also puts stress on your collet insert from opening and closing. Just hook up a hose to the fitting and spray your favorite oil in. So whether your an avid racer or sport boater, put this on your list of "MUST HAVES".

Shaft Saver

1/4" shaft saver

Stay Brite Silver Solder

solder kt

Stinger Drive Bushing

stinger drive bushing

Strut Bushing

strut bushing