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Duratrax Onyx 110 AC/DC Peak Charger

This is the Duratrax Onyx 110 AC/DC NiCd and NiMH Peak Charger. **Will Not Charge LiPo Batteries**
Manufacturer: Duratrax
Availability: Out of stock
Manufacturer part number: DTXP 4191

Charges 4-8 cell NiCd or NiMH cells (4-7 cells on DC power)
Built-in socket for charging 4-5 cell receiver batteries and 8-cell
transmitter packs
Selectable charge current for batteries for 1/18-1/8 scale models
Peak detection with automatic trickle charge
Automatically stops charging after 90 minutes
Auto-start function with status LED for easy set-up
Built-in switching AC power supply
FIVE YEAR warranty through Hobby Services (U.S.A. and Canada only)



Duratrax Onyx 110 AC/DC Peak Charger with Instructions, AC Power
Cord, DC Power Lead with Alligator Clips, Output Lead with
Standard Connector



Input: 110V 60Hz AC; 11-15V DC
Battery Types: 4-8 cell NiCd or NiMH cells (4-7 cells on DC power)
Battery Capacity Range: 600-6000mAh
Fast Charge Current: 1.0A, 2.0A and 4.0A linear (2.0 max on AC)
Fast Charge Termination: Peak detection
Peak Sensitivity: 8mV fixed
Auto-Trickle Current: 1/20 fast charge setting
Input Connections: AC lead w/U.S. plug; DC lead w/alligator clips
Output Connections: Lead w/standard connector; charge jack
w/universal connector
Safety Protection: Solid state reverse polarity; current overload
protection, and 90 minute safety timer
Dimensions: 3.4 x 4.8 x 1.8" (87 x 123 x 45mm)
Weight: 6.95 oz (197 g)

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